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Company Due Diligence in Liechtenstein

Company Due Diligence in Liechtenstein

Through a due diligence service, our law firm in Liechtenstein can investigate and evaluate for you companies or legal entities that you intend to buy or with which you intend to sign contracts. This legal service is a very popular option that many foreign investors in Liechtenstein choose, as sometimes entering on a new market requires professional legal assistance. 

Main steps of company due diligence in Liechtenstein 

The company due diligence service provided by our attorneys in Liechtenstein consists in a rigorous analysis of a company of your choice. This requires a specific procedure especially designed in order to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information. Some of the main tasks that are pursued in a due diligence activity imply several classes of evaluation of a company which are going to help you have a safe investment in this country. Thus due dilligence implies:

  • • Checking the legal background of a company;
  • • Run an in-depth search on the credit status and the financial profile of a company; 
  • • Request information about the board of a company;
  • • Elaborate a detailed report on a specific company.

Our Liechtenstein lawyers are ready to perform company due diligence at any time, if your plan of investment in this country requires at some point this legal service.  

Advantages of company due diligence in Liechtenstein

One of the main advantages of the due diligence in Liechtenstein is that it gives you a preview on the business entity in which you intend to invest or with which you intend to collaborate. This can warn you on several hidden risks and reduces significantly the probability of unexpected losses or unfavorable turnouts for your investment.  

Another advantage of company due diligence is that it can help you become familiar with a company in a foreign country such as Liechtenstein. If you invest here for the first time, it is possible that you are not yet completely at ease with the type of structures functioning in this country and with the regulations that a company must follow in order to comply with the local legislation. The company due diligence service can emphasize where a particular company had difficulties in the particular legal framework of Liechtenstein. 

We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein in order to start a due diligence investigation in view of evaluating the legal record and the financial soundness of a company of your choice.