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Law Firm in Liechtenstein

Our law firm in Liechtenstein offers both legal representation and consulting in all legal fields. We focus on meeting the needs of our local and international clients and our team is versed and well-prepared in all areas of law, with considerable focus on commercial and business law.

Clients who need professional legal advice can count on our law firm in Liechtenstein for successful representation before the court and for ongoing legal advice needed to avoid any legal problem and to resolve all conflicts involved. 

By working withour law firm in Liechtenstein you will benefit from legal services provided by a team of lawyers and legal advisors with many years of practical experience in the field, ready to defend your interests and to meet your legal objectives.

Some of the main types of legal services our Liechtenstein lawyers provide to clients are included in the following list:

  1. Legal counseling and representation: we offer complete legal counseling and representation in court for companies and individuals alike. Our team consists of lawyers with extensive experience in all areas of law, commercial, business and family law alike.
  2. Company formation: our team can help you open a company, a trust or a foundation in Liechtenstein. The small country is known for its favorable legal framework and it is a preferred location for establishing trusts. Moreover, we can help you open a trust or a company in Liechtenstein.
  3. Tax advice and planning: we can help investors understand the basic principles of taxation in Liechtenstein that are essential for tax optimization, minimization, and planning. Our tax experts are able to provide personalized counseling on all taxation matters.
  4. Debt collection: companies or investors who are having issues collecting payments from Liechtenstein companies or individuals can entrust our lawyers in Liechtenstein with debt collection.

These services are detailed below by our lawyers. You can obtain a complete list of our legal services or request specialized assistance by sending us an inquiry.


Contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for any legal advice and a dedicated team will be available to solve your problems by working with fairness and dedication for your cause. 

Legal consultancy for litigation – talk to our lawyer in Liechtenstein

Whenever you need advice and representation in litigation cases, contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for proper results. We are an experienced team of lawyers who will put our experience, knowledge, and dedication for obtaining and implementing the proper solutions for you before any court in Liechtenstein. Alternatively, we can also represent clients who wish to solve commercial or contractual disputes through arbitration or mediation. Alternative dispute resolution methods are generally more cost-effective and more expedite, compared to court proceedings. Our team will be able to find the optimal solution, by focusing on the needs of the conflicting parties and their interests.

Experts in Corporate Law

Our law firm in Liechtenstein is able to provide a wide range of services in the Corporate Law field and our Liechtenstein lawyers will assist and represent you in any action, such as:

– assistance and representation in front of public authorities, such as the Trade Registry,

– opening a company in Liechtenstein,

– drafting the articles of incorporation,

– amending the articles of association,

– company name reservation,

– obtaining tax clearance certificate,

– increase or reduce the company’s capital,

– add or remove company associates,

– full assistance in case of dissolution, liquidation, reorganization or bankruptcy.

Open a company, helped by our lawyer in Liechtenstein

Investors can register a company in Lichtenstein in optimum time and conditions by working with our law firm in Liechtenstein. Even though the procedure is not so complicated, there are several rules which must be met and certain documents which must be deposited. All these operations may be performed by our lawyers in Lichtenstein in the proper conditions in order to comply with all the legal provisions. We can also help foreign investors who cannot be present in the country to register a company by using a special power of attorney that will allow one of our agents to handle some of the procedures on your behalf.

When you want to open a company in Liechtenstein, you may choose between several forms of companies, in accordance with your share capital, activity, number of employees or other criteria provided by the law. The main types of companies in Liechtenstein are the companies limited by shares, the limited liability companies, and the establishments. The procedure may seem complicated without the correct guidance provided by a local attorney. This is the main reason why it is advisable to contact our lawyers in Liechtenstein for customized services and professional legal consultancy and representation.

We invite you to watch a short video about the legal services offered by our lawyers in Liechtenstein:

Legal assistance for company liquidation

Our law firm in Liechtenstein can help entrepreneurs close a company that has been running in the country, following the law’s provisions for not encountering any further problems. It is very important to follow all the rules and regulations and to maintain an accurate relation with the public authorities. Otherwise, the conclusion of the case will be delayed, which also means extra costs for you.

Solve debt collection issues with the help of our attorneys in Liechtenstein

The debt collection implies, in most of the cases, certain successive actions and you must be aware of the legal regulations provided for this field. You can ask our lawyers in Lichtenstein for customized consultancy and they will provide assistance in all the phases of the procedure, for example in the amicable settlement, in your relationship with the public authorities, including a lawsuit, in the attachment and seizure procedures and in other post-trial proceedings involved. Our law firm in Lichtenstein guarantees the proper solution and solving for you debt collection issues.

Labor Law

We advise clients in Liechtenstein on all matters concerning labor matters. Included here are the drafting of employment contracts, dismissals or transfers as well as legal matters concerning human resources management.

Intellectual Property Law

This field of expertise can be of special importance to some types of companies in Liechtenstein. Our attorneys can assist in all matters concerning trademark and copyright registration and/or renewal. Moreover, we can help represent clients in all cases that involve trademark infringement. Our team is also qualified to answer any questions about the Competition Law.

Financial and banking matters in Liechtenstein

Doing business in Liechtenstein will also involve a set of banking issues, which will generally start during the early phases of company formation when it is mandatory to open a bank account for the company. We also provide services tailored to the needs of investors and banks in Liechtenstein and can help with adequate legal services as per any issues concerning the banking and capital markets laws and regulations.

Taxes in Liechtenstein

Our law firm in Lichtenstein works with professionals from other fields to offer you a wide range of services. For this purpose, you can count on us for any financial matter as we collaborate with local accountants in Liechtenstein who are able to offer optimum solutions for your company. They will also guide you for the avoidance of double taxation as Lichtenstein has signed several double taxation agreements with other countries that provide certain tax benefits for foreign entrepreneurs.

Our team has extensive experience in litigation in Liechtenstein as well as consulting for both national and international clients. We strive to achieve the most viable solutions for our clients, this is why we approach each case according to its own particular characteristics. Our goal is to provide bespoke legal services, which are both legally feasible and economically advantageous. 

The litigation process in Liechtenstein

Civil law cases in Liechtenstein will usually go through an initial mediation phase before being taken to court. The defendant is not required to attend the mediation, however, if the parties come to an agreement, then this settlement will be enforced and will have the same value as a court judgment. Family law issues can be taken straight to court and so are non-contentious matters.

The court proceedings with the High Court are commenced when the plaintiff files a written statement with this court. The facts and the evidence on which the case is based are summarized in this phase. The first step is the first hearing when the defendant can raise formal objections. This is followed by a hearing for a decision on evidence, then the hearings during which the witnesses and experts offer their testimony. The judgment is served in writing and can be appealed. These first instance proceedings can last between nine and twelve months or even more in some cases.

Our attorneys in Liechtenstein can help you with litigation support and counseling, as needed. Business, commercial or civil disputes can be handled with the help of our experienced lawyers.

The use of arbitration in Liechtenstein

Arbitration is a practice used by many individuals in order to settle mostly commercial disputes. It assures the protection of confidentiality and short proceedings. Moreover, another advantage of using the arbitration proceedings is that the arbitrators can be picked by the involved parties, thus assuring a higher degree of trust in the process. The Lichtenstein Law on arbitration is mainly based on the Austrian equivalent and it is largely in line with the international standard for this procedure. The laws on arbitration also include a set of Swiss rules and are also partially based on the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

The duration of litigation in Liechtenstein

Litigation may last between a couple of months to a couple of years depending on the complexity of the case, the fact that the decision is accepted or not, the correctitude of the submitted documents. It’s advisable to choose arbitration over court proceedings mostly because of the lower costs in case of arbitration.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I open a business in Liechtenstein?

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up a business in Liechtenstein can choose from several types of entities like establishments, limited liability companies or companies limited by shares. The minimum share capital is EUR 30,000 for a limited liability company in Liechtenstein, where at least one director needs to be appointed.

2.  Do I need to obtain special licenses and permits for my company in Liechtenstein?

It is good to know that most commercial activities in Liechtenstein do not require a special license or a permit. There are particular categories of businesses, especially with activities in the financial sector, for which a license is mandatory. The Office of Economic Affairs in Liechtenstein issues the special permits and licenses.

3. What rules apply for foreigners wanting to invest in Liechtenstein?

There are two types of investments in Liechtenstein – direct and indirect. The direct investments regard the foreign entrepreneurs who want to buy different kinds of assets in the country. As for the indirect investments, these can be made through the purchase of company stocks or shares. Liechtenstein has no specific rules regarding the foreign investments in the country and offers valuable conditions and benefits for entrepreneurs willing to do businesses in the country.

4. How can the Arbitrary Court in Liechtenstein solve the commercial cases?

The commercial disputes can be solved by the Arbitrary Court in Liechtenstein, where short proceedings and confidentiality are guaranteed. It is good to know that each decision made by the Arbitrary Court in Liechtenstein is final and enters into force right away.

5. What is the debt collection procedure in Liechtenstein?

The debt collection in Liechtenstein can be made through the amicable procedure, as a first movement, where a system of payment is established, in accordance with both parties involved. Our attorneys in Liechtenstein are able to offer legal advice and can elaborate a debt recovery plan.

6. Do I need a visa to enter Liechtenstein?

Citizens from EU (European Union) do not need a visa to enter Liechtenstein, but persons outside EEA (European Economic Area) and EU countries must apply for a visa to the Swiss authorities in charge.

7. How much is the VAT in Liechtenstein?

The VAT rate in Liechtenstein is 8% and is applied to imported products and goods in the country. The food, the beverages or the press businesses registered in Liechtenstein are subject to a 2.5% VAT rate.

8. How do I obtain a work permit in Liechtenstein?

Citizens, no matter the nationality, do not require a work permit in Liechtenstein, but the apprenticeship positions are subject to work permits. EU citizens who want to work in Liechtenstein need a border commuter permit and must live in the neighboring countries like Germany, Switzerland or Austria. A residence permit for Liechtenstein will also be issued. 

9.  What is the marriage procedure in Liechtenstein?

People who want to get married in Liechtenstein must be over 18 and need to make proof they do not have this status with other persons. A wealth declaration is mandatory before registering the marriage in Liechtenstein.

10. What is the divorce procedure in Liechtenstein?

The Liechtenstein Court issues the divorce applications for partners of the same or different nationality (one of them from Liechtenstein). The common assets and the custody are also important issues to be solved in the court of law in case of a divorce.

For more information about the legal services we provide in Liechtenstein and how we can assist you, please contact our law office.