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Special Permits and Licenses for Companies in Liechtenstein

Special Permits and Licenses for Companies in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a state that is worldwide recognized for its flexibility and freedom regarding the trade license policy. For those investors who fall under licensing regulations, obtaining the approval for their activity follows a simple and clear procedure. Our law firm in Liechtenstein is ready to provide to our clients guidance and support for the obtaining of special permits or licenses in Liechtenstein

Which activities require special permits and licenses in Liechtenstein?

According to the Liechtenstein commercial legislation, most of the commercial activities do not require a special permit in order to do business. However certain categories of companies, such as those belonging to the financial sector and professional services, must apply for a license from the Office for Economic Affairs (Amt für Volkswirtschaft). 

Some professions such as lawyers, managers, architects or engineers fall under specific legislation and they only need to obtain a particular kind of license if they conduct a commercial activity from which they obtain income independently.

Companies that invest in Liechtenstein and obtain revenues from transportation need as well to apply for a license in this country, in particular for the transportation of a certain category of goods. Truck companies fall also under licensing regulations and need to obtain licenses for transportation at night or on Sundays.

If your company is only registered in Liechtenstein, but activates in another country, you will not be required to obtain a permit or a license from the Liechtenstein authorities. For complete information regarding the permits and licenses required by the Liechtenstein state, you can rely on our Liechtenstein lawyers

The following video summarizes the needed permits and licenses for doing business in Liechtenstein:


Applying for special permits and licenses in Liechtenstein

One of the preliminary steps for obtaining a license in Liechtenstein is to have your company registered with the Register of Economic Activities. The following sectors require application for a special license in Liechtenstein:

• transport;

• medicine;

• education;

• activities which have a direct impact on the environment;

• telecommunication and courier services.

Another step you must do is the identification of the relevant authority that you must address in order to obtain the specific license for your commercial activity. Whether you operate in the finance sector, you will have to fill your application to the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA). The other main authority issuing commercial licenses is the Office of Economic Affairs. 

A separate registration for EORI purposes is performed in case of economic operators that are engaged in tradign activities within the EU.

Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Liechtenstein who can guide you through the application procedure for the obtaining of a license or permit in this country.