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Legal Services in Liechtenstein

Legal Services in Liechtenstein

Although a relatively small country, Liechtenstein is an important financial center in Europe that offers a stable and modern business environment and also one that is well connected to the rest of Europe through its favorable position. The Principality offers a unique blend of characteristics that can mean that this country is a safe place for your investment.

Our law firm in Liechtenstein offers a wide range of services, suited to the needs and interests of the customers. Our goal-oriented and tailored approach means that we treat each case with the care and attention it deserves and we implement personalized solutions, that are both legally suitable and satisfactory and economically advantageous for the client.

Custmozied legal services in Liechtenstein

From litigation and arbitration services to legal counseling for corporate and tax compliance, we offer services that suit the needs of small and large corporations, experienced financial investors as well as services companies operating in Liechtenstein.

Some of our key areas of expertise include the following:

  • Litigation: our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein has handled numerous cases and can represent you in front of a Liechtenstein court in all civil or administrative cases; our lawyers are also experienced in national and international arbitration.
  • Banking and finance: our experience is relevant in the fields of banking law and financial services law, two of the most developed business sectors in Liechtenstein.
  • Business: from legal consoling in Commercial Law and Corporate Law to the Contract Law and assistance for drawing up agreements that can also include a special arbitration clause.
  • Company formation and Trust Law: our team can help investors open a company and set up investment vehicles for other purposes, such as holding companies, trusts or funds.

Reasons to request legal services in Liechtenstein

Legal services are needed by international enterprises which intend to extend their activities in Liechtenstein or by companies which are already functioning in this country and seeking support concerning legal matters, tax, and Commercial Law. Furthermore, legal services are essential in corporate governance and compliance so in principle they are a fundamental and constant element for the good functioning of a corporation. 

Our lawyers in Liechtenstein work closely with our clients in order to offer them the most appropriate legal services for their particular needs. We help solve legal issues by paying attention to the unique situation of the client, and by keeping their best business or investment interests in mind. Because our lawyers are multilingual and have extensive experience both Liechtenstein law and international law, our team is highly qualified to offer solutions to local and foreign investors and companies.

Services offered by our law firm in Liechtenstein

 As summarized at the beginning of the article, we offer a wide range of services tailored to the needs of investors and business owners. Because Liechtenstein is a known financial center in Europe, a large part of our work revolves around banking and finance as well as the establishment of companies, funds, trusts counseling for opening investment vehicles in general.

Our attorneys in Liechtenstein can help you both with in-court representation and also with complete out-of-court services. Below, we describe our legal services in more detail.

– Incorporation of a company or the opening of a subsidiary in Liechtenstein:

If you are thinking to incorporate a Liechtenstein company or to open a subsidiary in this country, it would be recommendable to know the business forms available here. Depending on your needs, you will have to choose between a public limited company, limited liability company, individual enterprise or establishment. In order to make an informed choice, you might need to be advised in Company Law by one of our attorneys in Liechtenstein. We can also help companies facing insolvency or bankruptcy. National and cross-border litigation cases, as well as debt collection, are some of the areas in which our team can assist companies. 

 Mergers and acquisitions:

You can rely on the legal services we provide regarding merging and acquisition actions, which imply the elaboration of the specific documentation, and also regarding the handling of the entire legal procedure prior to your effective commencement of the activity. Our team of attorneys in Liechtenstein can also help you in case of corporate restructuring.

– Arbitration, mediation, and corporate litigation:

In case you are already on the Liechtenstein market, and confronting a difficult moment, you can count on our legal services of arbitration and mediation. In any case of litigation or when your company will need representation in court, you could as well employ our representation services and the complete legal support provided by our law firm in Liechtenstein. We can assist you in all civil administrative or criminal and constitutional disputes and as an alternative, our team also includes arbitration experts. We can help you solve commercial disputes by employ this often more cost-effective and faster procedure. Additionally, we can help with adequate arbitration counseling, especially if you are considering introducing arbitration clauses in your contracts.

– Planning services:

When planning to make a new investment, you can call on our legal support and our lawyers, to advise you on retail, institutional or alternative investment funds. The legal assistance provided by our law firm in Liechtenstein, can further help you through corporate restructuring. For other planning and business needs, you are invited to contact our attorneys in Liechtenstein.

– Tax advice:

Whether the Tax Law in Liechtenstein is new for you or already familiar, legal services such as those offered by our law firm in Liechtenstein can keep you updated with the frequent changes that might occur in legislation, helping you to follow regulations and act in accord with your legal obligations. Our team offers general tax consultancy services, tax minimization services can help you with cross-border payment issues as well as counseling in regards to the provisions of the double tax treaties. International tax advice and tax planning is often employed both by private clients as well as commercial companies.

– Obtaining licences and permits:

All issues regarding the obtaining of licenses or special permits are a familiar procedure for our Liechtenstein lawyers. They will help you obtain the needed authorisations, thus overcoming any inconveniences. 

– Intellectual Property

We offer services related to protecting copyrights and intellectual property rights in general. Our expertise also extends to handling issues related to the Competition Law.

– Estate and Family Law

We provide complete legal counseling to individuals interested in knowing more about estate planning as well as using a trust fund for this purpose. Our team can also help with legal representation in case of inheritance disputes.

Our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein offers law services in all areas of law, with a focus on banking and finance but also litigation, international law, and company formation.

Liechtenstein offers a diverse and international business climate, with a well-represented financial center. It provides unique business opportunities not only through its legal regime but also its central position in Europe and its political and economic stability. Working with a team of experts when entering such a developed financial environment can be the key to successful business practices.

Assistance in immigration to Liechtenstein

Foreign citizens and investors who visit Liechtenstein frequently for various reasons can choose to relocate here and with the help of our legal services tailored to those who want to obtain residence permits.

Liechtenstein is open to foreign persons who want to work or set up businesses here, however, it also welcomes persons who want to retire here.

There are various types of residence permits one can obtain, and our law firm in Liechtenstein is at your service no matter if you are an EU or non-EU citizens interested in moving here. What you should know is that Liechtenstein is not an EU country, however, it is a member of the European Economic Area alongside Switzerland.

Our legal services for foreign citizens who want to move here imply but are not limited only to:

  • verification of the eligibility conditions for immigration;
  • preparing the immigration file;
  • filing the documents requested in accordance with your country of residence or origin;
  • keeping in contact with you during the processing procedure;
  • post-immigration assistance.

Our legal services in Liechtenstein are created in a manner that answer all your needs and that respect the laws of this country, so that you can move here stress-free.

Are you a non-EU citizen who want to move to Liechtenstein? Don’t worry and reach out to our immigration lawyers who can provide all the details and support you need for a quick relocation.

Have you already started the immigration procedure but are now facing difficulties in finding a place to stay or don’t know enough about what to do after entering the country? We also have solutions for you: from guidance on how to rent a property which also includes assistance in drafting a tenancy agreement to support in registering with the local authorities in the required timeframe.

The most important aspects to consider when immigrating to Liechtenstein are:

  • the issuance of residence permits in Liechtenstein is limited to 89 per year;
  • out of these, 72 are made available for EEA citizens, while the rest for non-EEA citizens;
  • separately from these, 17 permits are available for Swiss nationals.

So, if you want to relocate to Liechtenstein, we advise you keep in mind this number and request updated information from our lawyers when seeking to apply for a residence visa. We can also provide useful details on the best time to start the application procedure, as well as the requirements you need to meet in order to be considered a successful candidate.

Assistance in real estate matters in Liechtenstein

If you want to purchase or rent a property in Liechtenstein, you can rely on us for various legal services. Among these, some of the most requested are associated with real estate due diligence procedures. This implies verifications with the Land Register in order to establish if the property in question can be leased, rented or purchased.

Real estate due diligence is one of the most important procedures that can be completed in order to avoid losing important amounts of money. Our legal services in Liechtenstein imply quick and reliable verifications of residential and commercial properties so that you ensure the acquisition you are about to make complies with your expectations.

Apart from these, we can also offer support during the purchase procedure. From the pre-sale agreement and payment of an advance to secure the property to the completion of the transaction before the public notary, we can be your trusted partners you can rely on even if you cannot be present.

With the help of a power of attorney, we can represent your interests until you come to your new home, for example.

Similar services are available for those who want to sell their Liechtenstein-based properties. We can draft the sale-purchase agreement and supervise the sale process.

Why choose our legal services in Liechtenstein?

When dealing with the Liechtenstein authorities for the first time, no matter the reason, the assistance of a lawyer can speed things up considerably by making sure you respect all the requirements, which why our specialists are at your service for.

With experience and experienced staff in various legal matters for many years, our lawyers have acquired the necessary skills to represent clients in transactions, but also with the authorities of this country ensuring impeccable communication with them.

If you are looking for professionalism, our attorneys are at your service with tailored legal services that will always have your best interested at the core.

You can reach out to us any time and inquire about our services and fees.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Liechtenstein law firm in any issue regarding legal services in this country.