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Power of Attorney in Liechtenstein

Power of Attorney in Liechtenstein

The power of attorney can refer to a document which either companies or natural persons can elaborate, helped by a public notary, in order to allow another entity to be their legal representative. The same type of document is implicit as well in cases of representation of a client by the lawyers in Liechtenstein. For any formalities regarding the power of attorney in this country, you can rely on the support of our law firm in Liechtenstein.

Rights conferred by a power of attorney

The power of attorney in Liechtenstein is transferring the legal power of a legal entity or person to a representative, who has the right to sign and act legally on behalf of the testator. This document is usually elaborated in view of specific tasks and can be cancelled at any time after the completion of the given task. 

The breaking of the representation conditions or the misuse of the power of attorney in Liechtenstein is considered a fraud and it represents a case which needs to be judged in court. The authority thus conferred to a representative is not transmutable, and the power of attorney document in Liechtenstein will be automatically cancelled once the executor dies. 

According to the Civil Procedure Code, the power of attorney in Liechtenstein can be granted irrevocable or temporary. The power of attorney is validated through the signing of an agreement in which the executor tasks are clearly stated as well as the eventual situations of revocation.

Our law firm in Liechtenstein can help you choose the most suitable type of power of attorney and further assist you with the elaboration of such documents for any legal tasks and procedures for which you might need representation. 

Using a power of attorney in Liechtenstein

The situations in which a power of attorney is usually needed are representation before judicial and administrative authorities. Other cases in which one might need to rely on a power of attorney in Liechtenstein are money collection and the managing of the inheritance procedure. Investors in Liechtenstein might employ such representation when they enter agreements with other entities, in arbitrations or in matters regarding land registration. 

Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you legalize a power of attorney issued outside Liechtenstein and they can offer as well representation for your company in this country. Feel free to contact our attorneys in Liechtenstein for more information concerning this document.