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Verification of a Company in Liechtenstein

Verification of a Company in Liechtenstein

Investors who want to set up a company in Liechtenstein should, first of all, verify if the name they want to use is already taken or not. In this matter, a verification is mandatory before making any movement and entering the market. The Public Registry in Liechtenstein is the authority in charge of registering any company in the country and the one that can offer details about an existing enterprise. If you are interested in a verification of a company in Liechtenstein, it is best to seek advice and legal support from our lawyers in Liechtenstein.

Why would someone want to verify a company in Liechtenstein?

There are numerous reasons why a natural person or an entrepreneur would want to obtain information about a particular company in Liechtenstein. For instance, before registering an enterprise, a name verification is required, in order to avoid any trademark issues. As for the natural persons, they can ask for information about a company in Liechtenstein, if they are interested in employment or financial matters, especially if a job offer is involved.

Information you can receive in a company verification request

Persons interested in a certain company in Liechtenstein may address to the Public Registry and make a request in this matter. Besides details about the business address, they can receive financial information regarding the share capital of an enterprise, activities, or info about the shareholders and also audits, to see if such firm really exists and if it is legitimate. Our attorneys in Liechtenstein are at your disposal if you are interested in making a company verification.

We invite you to watch the following video on the company verification process in Liechtenstein

The company verification process in Liechtenstein

To avoid potential scams or doubtful proposals, an entrepreneur is entitled to verify a company in Liechtenstein. Before any solicitation to the Public Registry in Liechtenstein, a businessman can adopt the basic company verification which means calling a firm or even visiting the enterprise. It is recommended to verify the registration information via the internet where most companies are transparent and offer basic data in this matter. If you cannot find such info, you might want to direct your attention to another business partnership or collaboration.

Moreover, our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein may provide you with a company license verification on request. It is good to know that before signing any contract with a particular firm, businesspersons should solicit information about previous business relations and financial records.

EORI registered companies can be verified via the EU official database. 

We invite you to get in touch with our law firm in Liechtenstein if you need help to verify a company or guidance and recommendations in investment matters.