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Fiduciary Services in Liechtenstein

Fiduciary Services in Liechtenstein

Investors who want to control and manage their wealth in Liechtenstein can request the services provided by a fiduciary expert. When tailored to the needs of the client, these special activities related to the management and control of assets can distribute, grow and maintain the wealth as per the wishes of the client. 

Our lawyers in Liechtenstein have vast experience in working with international clients and managing financial activities, both for corporations and for high net worth individuals doing business in Liechtenstein. 

Fiduciary contract in Liechtenstein

Those who want to allow another party to have access to part or all of their assets for management purposes can conclude a fiduciary contract.

This type of agreement is recognized by law and the two parties agree upon the manner in which the assets will be treated, managed or organized. The trustor and the trustee (the one who is entrusted) are bound by the fiduciary agreement to oversee the adequate treatment of the said funds or assets. This fiduciary duty is a legal one in as much as it is an ethical one.

Our team of attorneys in Liechtenstein can help you conclude a fiduciary agreement according to your asset management needs.

Trust and fiduciary services in Liechtenstein

Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you with trust and fiduciary services. We can provide guidance on how to set up a trust structure that will allow you to better manage, store and control your assets. 

We can advise you on opening a trust in Liechtenstein, invest in charitable trusts or in a private investment company. Individual clients can also use our help for estate planning. 

Our team of attorneys in Liechtenstein can help you with other services, among which drafting and concluding agreements, conducting litigation or legal advisory services. Contact us for more information about our services.