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Obtain a Work Permit in Liechtenstein

Obtain a Work Permit in Liechtenstein

Even though there is no need for a work permit in Lichtenstein, no matter the nationality of the citizen, there are cases when such a document is required for apprenticeship positions in a company. Furthermore, a work permit for apprentices in Liechtenstein can only be granted by enterprises with an available training permit in the country. Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can provide you with information about the legislation related to the work permits in the Principality.

What is a border commuter permit?

Numerous citizens from EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) choose to work in Liechtenstein, but for this to happen, a residence permit is required. There are strict rules in this matter, and it is good to know that a foreigner who wants to work in Liechtenstein needs to live in the neighboring countries like Switzerland, Germany or Austria and to commute across the border every day. A border commuter permit is necessary for this situation which is granted for overseas workers of companies in Liechtenstein.

Such document comes with a residence permit in Liechtenstein which is usually offered by the government or through the lottery in the country. Swiss people have a special status regarding the work in Liechtenstein, as they do not need any kind of permit, with the condition to remain residents of their country.

Conditions for non-EU and non-EEA citizens to work in Liechtenstein 

The Migration and Passport Office in Liechtenstein issues the cross-border commuter permits for citizens from non-EU and non-EEA nationals, a necessary document to legally work in Liechtenstein. This type of permit is available for one year and it is granted for foreigners in companies where the employers haven’t found a worker from Liechtenstein to fill the position. As for the skilled workers from overseas, such as specialists or managers, they can apply for a residence permit in Liechtenstein and legally work in the country.

For a better understanding of the conditions which come with the right of working in the Principality, we recommend you to solicit legal support and guidance from our attorneys in Liechtenstein.

Conditions for other categories of workers in Liechtenstein

Foreigners with employment contracts where conditions regarding the accommodation in Liechtenstein are stipulated, and who work in restaurants or bars are allowed to stay in the Principality in the working week, but are obliged to visit the place of residence across the border once per week. The employees of this category of workers need to register with the authorities in Liechtenstein within ten days from the beginning of the work contract.

Additional information and legal guidance can be obtained from our law firm in Liechtenstein if you contact us.