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Business Start-up Costs in Liechtenstein

Business Start-up Costs in Liechtenstein

The business start-up costs in Liechtenstein are the preliminary expenses that an investor must take into account when opening a company in this country. Depending on the type of legal entity that the investor chooses and on the sector in which the company is going to operate, the taxes and fees will be different for each particular situation. Some of the costs for business start-ups are due to the authorities for the registration and authorization procedures. More expenses might include the notary fees and the share capital for the company. Starting from your particular business plan, our Liechtenstein lawyers can help determine the main start-up costs for the establishment of your enterprise.

Main business start-up costs in Liechtenstein

If you want to open a business in Liechtenstein, one of the initial costs for your establishment will include the renting expenses or, if you decide to buy a place, the costs for the acquisition of a space for your office. Other costs will be added, such as those for the specific equipments required by the specific profile of your business.

Another group of costs that you have to consider when you elaborate your business plan are the costs of employment. Insurances as well as advertising might add another amount to the initial costs of establishment. 

If your type of company requires a minimum share capital, then you will have to add it to the list of start-up costs as well the borrowing costs in case you need to rely on a bank credit in order to increase you initial power of investment. For example, one of the most popular company types in Liechtenstein, the limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) requires in minimum capital of EUR 30,000 and a minimum contribution by each shareholder valued at EUR 50.  

For further information regarding the company formation regulations and the business start-up costs in this country you can rely on our law firm in Liechtenstein.

We also invite you to watch a video about the business start-up costs:

Other business start-up costs in Liechtenstein

The registration of any new company in Liechtenstein will require some costs such as those required for the name reservation and detailed checking of its availability. The registration of a VAT number will imply other costs, but this would be an advantageous decision especially if your business activity is based on import/export activity.  

Other start-up costs in Liechtenstein might come from: 

  • • expenses on accounting and legal fees;
  • • feasibility costs and expenses for evaluating the potential market and products;
  • • advertising costs, the realization of a website for your Liechtenstein company;
  • • rent costs and payment of utilities;
  • • expenses on technological equipment;
  • • formation costs and training expenses for your employees.

We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for all questions regarding the registration costs and registration procedure in this country.