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Open a Shop in Liechtenstein

Open a Shop in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein offers a number of shopping options for tourists and locals, with shops mainly concentrated in Vaduz. 

Investors who open a shop in Liechtenstein need to observe the import/export rules and the ones for the sale of goods. One of our lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you with detailed information about the special permits needed for these types of businesses. 

Shopping in Liechtenstein

Shops in Liechtenstein vary in size and the products they sell. Most of those located in central Vaduz focus on souvenirs, handcrafted items, wine shops and others. There are also various minimarkets and supermarkets. The shopping offer, as well as the prices, are quite similar to those in Switzerland and some business owners will offer a blend of souvenirs and items from neighboring countries like Austria and Italy. 

Entrepreneurs who open souvenir boutiques and other small shops like those that sell clothing or jewelry should consider not only the location of their new establishment but also its style. The rent of the shop space and the design should be included in the business start-up costs. Hiring employees and using various marketing and promotional strategies should also be taken into consideration by businesspeople. 

Our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein can give you details about the conditions for selling various products, specifically those for manufacturing and selling foodstuffs, for investors who want to open gourmet boutiques. 

Requirements for shops in Liechtenstein 

The first steps that need to be handled by those who wish to open a shop in Liechtenstein should concern the incorporation of a company. The legal entity suited for shops and small or medium-sized businesses, in general, is the private limited liability company. 

All resident companies must have a bank account, a registered office and be registered with the Companies Registrar. Our team of attorneys in Liechtenstein can help you handle all of these steps.

Contact us for more information about selling products in Liechtenstein and starting a new business.