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Obtain Information About Companies in Liechtenstein

Obtain Information About Companies in Liechtenstein

The local and the foreign companies in Liechtenstein are controlled by the National Administration in Liechtenstein through the Public Registry in the country where you can obtain specific information and details about a particular enterprise. Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can provide you with complete support and legal advice in this matter if you are interested in obtaining info about enterprises registered in the Principality. You may also solicit legal services in taxation matters for your company in Liechtenstein.

Who can request information about companies in Liechtenstein?

Businessmen or natural persons can make a request to the Public Registry in Liechtenstein if they want to know information about the structure, the activities or the registered profit of a company in the country. Information like the following can be solicited from the authorities in charge with the supervision of the companies in Liechtenstein:

•    details about the audits of an enterprise in Liechtenstein;

•    the financial statements of a company before making any deal with it;

•    information about the reliability of the suppliers before attaining something;

•    data regarding the shareholders of a company in Liechtenstein;

•    information about the business address and the share capital when registered.

The Public Registry in Liechtenstein offers information in the matters mentioned above if you file your request, and even better, you can get in touch with our attorneys in Liechtenstein for comprehensive assistance and legal advice. Besides that, if you want to understand the taxation system in Liechtenstein before you start your activities, it is best to solicit our legal services.

We invite you to watch the following video on ways to obtain information on companies in Liechtenstein

How to solicit information about a company in Liechtenstein

The Public Registry in Liechtenstein is the main body which can provide information about the name, address, date of incorporation, type of activity, share capital, social contributions, or VAT registration for those interested in these matters. If you want to set up a business and you want to know if the chosen name is available or not, you may get in touch with the Public Registry in Liechtenstein. Natural or juridic persons who want details about an enterprise in the country need to mention the reasons for this when filling the form with the office in charge. If the company’s information is public, your request can be solved within a few working days via the email or mentioned domicile.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein if you want legal services for your business or details about how to obtain data about a registered company in the country.