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Open an IT Company in Liechtenstein

Open an IT Company in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a recognized financial center in Europe, with a well-developed services industry and opportunities in the information technology industry. The opportunities for entrepreneurs who open an IT company in Liechtenstein are primarily in the software development sector, with emphasis on the growing financial technology/fintech industry.

Company formation in Liechtenstein is facile and subject to a simple incorporation process as well as the observance of local laws and regulations. Our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you open a company and observe all the ongoing requirements.

The IT sector in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a suitable location for investors who want to open an IT company, especially one that specializes in providing financial software solutions to individual clients or to financial companies and institutions. The well-developed financial industry in the Principality promotes the evolution of start-ups in the fintech sector and the central location in Europe is an advantage for investors who wish to open these types of companies.

IT companies in Liechtenstein can specialize in offering only one type of service to their clients, such as software solutions, or they can provide integrated services. Examples of IT and IT-related activities include:

– software development;

– web design and web hosting;

– software solutions for e-commerce platforms;

– online payment solutions and other fintech services.

Some of these types of activities may require special licenses for the company and will be subject to the relevant national regulations. 

Hiring talented software engineers is facile in Liechtenstein, especially from neighboring countries. One of our attorneys in Liechtenstein can give you complete details on hiring foreign staff and the requirements for employment.

How to start a company in Liechtenstein

The requirements for registering an IT company in Liechtenstein are the same as for any other type of business. Registration with the Commercial Register is mandatory and it takes place after the founders have selected an available company name, a legal form, and status and the company documents have been duly drafted and signed. 

The team of experts at our law firm in Liechtenstein can help you with basic information about company registration and with specialized assistance during this process. Contact us for complete details about the services we provide.