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Open a Restaurant in Liechtenstein

Open a Restaurant in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein offers a combination of cuisines, for all tastes. From traditional specialties to international dishes, chefs in Liechtenstein prepare the dishes with mastery.

Foreign investors have the same rights as locals for owning companies and investing in different business fields. Those who wish to open a restaurant in Liechtenstein should follow a number of steps as well as obtain the necessary licenses.

Our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you open a restaurant or a café that also serves food, and follow all f the licensing procedures needed for this type of establishment.

Requirements for opening a restaurant in Liechtenstein

The steps below are the most common ones encountered by all investors who wish to start a restaurant in Liechtenstein:

  1. Choose a cuisine or specialty: restaurants in Liechtenstein are diverse and the food you will serve will have an impact on the branding of the business and help you position it on the market.
  2. The business: this is a plan that can include issues like market research, competition analysis, the location where the restaurant will be based and others; you will need to choose a property for purchase or rent where the restaurant will be based.
  3. The equipment: you will need to reserve part of the start-up budget to equip the restaurant kitchen as well as for décor. 
  4. Hire staff: restaurant owners will want to hire qualified staff, with an accent on the chef’s expertise, especially for highly specific restaurants.

This list is merely a guideline and investors will need to take other aspects into consideration, such as obtaining the proper licenses to store and sell food and sell alcohol and, when needed, import some specific products.

Additional information about starting a business in Liechtenstein

Investors who want to open a restaurant in Liechtenstein will need to incorporate a company that will serve as the legal entity under which the brand/restaurant will develop. The limited liability company or GmbH is commonly chosen for this purpose. VAT registration in Liechtenstein is required.

The team at our law firm in Liechtenstein can help you start your business and handle all of the requirements needed to open a restaurant in the small country. Contact us for more information about how we can assist you.