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Dismissal of Employees in Liechtenstein

The cessation of the collective work contracts or individual ones is issued under the General Civil Code in Liechtenstein, no matter if you are a local employee or a foreign one, where certain rules are applied. If you are an employer from Liechtenstein who needs to know the legal grounds for firing an employee, it is best to solicit comprehensive information and legal advice in this matter from our lawyers in Liechtenstein. Besides that, our team can provide you with details about the taxation system in the country.

How can a Liechtenstein employee be dismissed

work contract in Liechtenstein also contains details about what happens if an employee gets fired by the company and the rights of the individual which come with the signed contract. There are certain types of dismissals in Liechtenstein, such as:

•    the fair dismissal of an employee or the direct notification of dismissal;

•    the constructive dismissal;

•    the unfair dismissal.

We remind that any company in Liechtenstein is required by the law to dismiss the employees in a fair manner, given the circumstances and respecting the law in the country.

The following video summarizes the dismissal requirements in Liechtenstein:

What is a fair dismissal in Liechtenstein?

fair dismissal is the one where the company or the employer has strong reasons to proceed in accordance and to fire an individual. If an employee can no longer work under legal circumstances and the company considers he/she cannot be part of the group, the individual may be subject to dismissal.

What is an unfair dismissal in Liechtenstein?

Companies are usually accused of firing people in an unfair manner, and ex-employees can contest such decisions if they consider the dismissal has been made with inappropriate methods. But such issues can be dealt with mediation meetings or in the court of law.

What is a constructive dismissal in Liechtenstein?

Employees can resign as soon as they find out a company did not respect the terms and conditions mentioned in the work contracts. For instance, the employer cut the salaries, offered dangerous work conditions, or increased the working hours without notifications regarding the wage. It is true, cases like these are rare in companies in Liechtenstein, but they can be solved at the tribunal.

If you need more information about the dismissal of employees in Liechtenstein, we invite you to solicit details and to get in touch with our law firm in Liechtenstein