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Family Law in Liechtenstein

Family Law in Liechtenstein

The Family Law in Liechtenstein involves the rules and regulations regarding the family unit, marriage, divorce and child custody among many others Our lawyers in Liechtenstein have a vast experience in family matters where legal advice is mandatory, so if you want information about the Family Law in Liechtenstein, make sure to get in touch with our advisors. Apart from family matters, entrepreneurs in Liechtenstein can receive complete assistance when setting up a company in the country.

Cases protected by the Family Law in Liechtenstein

To avoid the conflictual circumstances, the Family Law in Liechtenstein was meant to be the starting point in family matters, with settled rules and regulations strongly related to the foundation of a family. The Family Law in Liechtenstein covers the following situations:

•    marriage;

•    divorce procedure;

•    child custody;

•    domestic violence;

•    child adoption;

•    paternity;

•    financial matters in custodial cases;

•    prenuptial agreements;

•    testaments.

The cases mentioned above are part of the Family Law in Liechtenstein and the entire procedures related to them can be explained by our attorneys in Liechtenstein. If you want to file for a divorce and you do not know the law in this matter, it is best to solicit legal help and representation from our advisors.

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Marriage in Liechtenstein 

In order to legally get married in Liechtenstein, the persons involved need to be over 18 and to make evidence they are not married with other individuals, as this is strictly forbidden in the country. A health declaration must be provided as it can be necessary for situations of family misinterpretations. 

Divorce in Liechtenstein

If you want to stay away from long and hard divorce procedures in Liechtenstein, it is suggested to ask for help from our experienced lawyers. The common properties, assets or debts need to be properly analyzed once filing for divorce. If children are involved, then the custody will enter the discussion, where the parents should agree upon responsibilities. There are cases when a divorce procedure ends in one year, but there are complicated situations where a divorce lasts for more than just one year, which is why legal help and assistance in this matter is necessary.

Other provisions mentioned in the Family Law in Liechtenstein

According to the Family Law in Liechtenstein, any person is entitled to decide upon the methods he/she wishes to settle as a family. Birth control, artificial conception, and abortion are related to the reproductive rights of each individual in Liechtenstein without having restrictions in this matter, where decisions are respected.

Please feel free to contact our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein for information and details about the Family Law in Liechtenstein.