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Set Up a FMCG Company in Liechtenstein

Set Up a FMCG Company in Liechtenstein

The fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG sector in Liechtenstein is represented both by large commercial chains and by smaller distributors. Businesses involved in this field create and handle the distribution of products that are made for expedite consumption, and include foodstuffs as well as cosmetic products.

The regulations in this business field depend on the specific type of product that is manufactured and distributed. Our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein can provide investors with information, according to the type of packaged goods they deliver. What’s more, our team can help investors set up an FMCG company in Liechtenstein.

The consumer goods market in Liechtenstein

The fast-moving consumer goods market in Liechtenstein is evolving along with consumer and cultural trends, and recent years have seen a development of certain categories of products that can be generally labeled as health food and snacks as well as organic or bio-products. The market remains a dynamic one and Liechtenstein is a market were FMCG giants like international food, drinks, and beverages brands share the customer interest with smaller companies.

Fast moving consumer goods is a category that includes all types of products with a short shelf life and that are bound to be sold rapidly. From foodstuffs to cosmetics and toiletries, Liechtenstein is a country where many brands are present.

Sector-specific licenses do apply for these types of companies and business owners need to comply not only with these but also with the various applicable regulations for import and export of FMCG goods. One of our attorneys in Liechtenstein can offer more details.

FMCG products in Liechtenstein

The table below includes some common types of goods that can be manufactured or distributed by companies in Liechtenstein:

Type of goodsDetails
Processed foodsOne of the most widely-spread types of FMCG products, these are processed or semi-processed foods, including cereals, canned vegetables, snacks and others.
BeveragesSodas and sugary drinks, fruit juice but also bottled still or mineral water.
Dry goodsFoodstuffs that are sold in dry packaging, including coffee, tea, sugar, beans, grains, etc.
SweetsChocolate, cakes, candy, biscuits and other types of sweet snacks. 
Cosmetics & toiletriesCreams, lotions, hair products and also common toiletries like toothpaste, paper towels, etc.

Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can give you detailed information about the manufacturing of FMCG products in the country.

Please contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for detailed information about the FMCG sector as well as the requirements for opening a company.