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Employment Law in Liechtenstein

Employment Law in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is one of the most advanced countries in matters of work policy, offering attractive labor conditions and company flexibility. In a small country like Liechtenstein, the bureaucracy was reduced to the minimum in order to encourage the employment of both residents and non-residents. Our Liechtenstein lawyers can help you familiarize with the employment regulations in this country so that you can implement them easy and effectively into your company actions. 

The main regulations of the Employment Law in Liechtenstein

The General Civil Code together with the Law on Labor in Industry, Manufacturing and Trade or Law (ArG) contain the vast majority of the employment regulations in Liechtenstein. These two bodies of law specify the legal working conditions for this country such as:

• the number of working hours permitted per day;

• the rights to holiday and leisure time;

• equality of the rights, irrespective of gender or beliefs;

• insurance regulations;

• pension calculation and allocation.

Other legal provisions concerning employment are settled through collective agreements (Gesamtarbeitsverträge, GAV). These are elaborated specifically for each industry, through negotiation between the Liechtenstein Employees Association and the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry. You can rely on our attorneys in Liechtenstein for legal advice concerning which work regulations apply directly to your business sector and specifically to your company.

The importance of employment regulations in Liechtenstein

The Employment Law in Liechtenstein has a huge historical importance in the context of the entire legal system of this country and of Europe in general. The work regulations relate to a set of values which constitute the moral identity of the European space. As such, the physical safety of each individual is a matter of interest as well as the insurance of a proper and healthy working environment. The ban on smoking and regulations concerning noise and hazardous materials are a proof of this preoccupation. 

The Employment Law in Liechtenstein provides compensations and medical benefits where the situation demands them. The policy has been developed along with the insurance structures which allow employers to assume less risk of losses. The general wellbeing of the employees is determining a growth in the company’s activities and profits.  

Please feel free to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein which can provide complete legal support and representation for your company in any issues regarding employment regulations.