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Importing and Exporting in Liechtenstein

Importing and Exporting in Liechtenstein

As part of the European Economic Area (EEA), Liechtenstein can export and import freely to and from the other countries in the European Union. If you intend to be a trader in this country, you can rely on the legal counseling provided by our law firm in Liechtenstein. One of the strongest economic relations that Liechtenstein has is with the neighbor country, Switzerland.

Foreign trade in Liechtenstein

The economy of Liechtenstein is based on importing and exporting goods and services. With a small territory and population, Liechtenstein cannot consume all it produces and cannot supply all needed products. This is one of the reasons for which foreign trade is so important for this country.

Liechtenstein has signed several international agreements that can guarantee its access to some of the most important markets of the world. As a member of the EEA, Liechtenstein benefits from preferential trade rules with the EU such as the possibility to freely move goods, services, capital and people across the Union through the utilization of an unique EORI number.

As a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Liechtenstein has become part of an important network of free trade agreements. This gives you the possibility to trade much quicker and cheaper with big companies from the whole world.

We invite you to watch the following video on import/export activities in Liechtenstein

Legal aspects concerning importing and exporting in Liechtenstein

Apart from the close economic relationship with Switzerland, Liechtenstein uses as well the Swiss franc as its official currency. The franc was introduced in Liechtenstein as a consequence of a strategic treaty signed with Switzerland in 1924 – the Customs Union Treaty.

The treaties that Liechtenstein has with the European Union imposed on this country a set of laws and regulations concerning not only trade, but also taxation. Our attorneys in Liechtenstein can offer you asistance in these legal matters, which need to be in the attention of a foreign trader in Liechtenstein.

Even if free transit is granted for Liechtenstein, there are as well restrictions which apply to products that might put in danger the wellbeing of the population. Thus all firearms must be declared, plant products require the obtaining of special permission before entering the country and the importation of animals and animal products from outside the European Union is forbidden, in absence of special certificates. 

The Liechtenstein customs published as well a list of prohibited products  such as:

  • • illegal drugs,
  • • weapons and ammunition – unless permission has been obtained,
  • • explosives,
  • • knives and deadly weapons,
  • • counterfeit money and goods,
  • • pornographic material.

Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Liechtenstein, which can help you obtain the certificates or permissions that you might need for exporting in Liechtenstein.