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Divorce procedure in Liechtenstein

Divorce procedure in Liechtenstein

The divorce procedure in Liechtenstein could be a stressful and long process in which it is recommendable to rely on the legal support of a local lawyer. There can be several stages for a legal separation process which can last for a yearlong. Some disputes can continue even in the following years, depending on the complications which arise in each particular situation. 

How can you start a divorce procedure in Liechtenstein?

There are certain situations in which the two partners are of different nationalities – one from Liechtenstein and the other from another EU country. In this case, you can file your request for legal separation either together, in a joint application, either separately, in the country where you have lived together for the last six months, or in the country where you have been living separately, for the last year. The Liechtenstein court which receives the application, under the up mentioned conditions, has the jurisdiction to decide on your divorce process

Before starting to fill the forms, it is recommendable to discuss the procedure with one of the attorneys in Liechtenstein. You will need assistance for the issues regarding the common assets that you have together with your spouse and the properties for which you have aplied for a mortgage.

If there is the case, you will have to think  as well over the custody of your children. Before effectively starting the legal separation procedure in Liechtenstein, you will need to consider carefully your parental responsibility. You might need as well to elaborate a plan and strategy regarding the negotiation of custody and visiting rights. 

In situations which involve a debt, you might need further legal assistance from a law firm in Liechtenstein in order to settle the financial aspects of the legal separation procedure

The legal context in Liechtenstein concerning divorce procedures

The law which applies in case of legal separation is the Liechtenstein law on separation and divorce which has been revised in 1999. 

The Liechtenstein legal system gives great attention to gender equality. Two more laws adopted in 2001 condemn violence and aggression in the household. Another accent is put on the protection of migrants in case of divorce so that foreign women can keep residence and status in case of legal separation

Divorce procedure in Liechtenstein can sometime involve aspects of the Inheritance Law and private law. Divorce can make ineffective certain rights to inheritance which were reserved for the spouse.

We kindly invite you to rely on our legal services in Liechtenstein and to contact us when you intend to file a divorce procedure. Our law firm in Liechtenstein will do everything possible to support you during this difficult legal procedure and to help you settle the legal separation as smooth as possible.