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Marriage in Liechtenstein

Marriage in Liechtenstein

The marriage in Liechtenstein gives you the possibility to obtain legal recognition for the formation of a new family. This event takes place at one of the recognized institutions, where the standard procedure of official marriage is performed. Most of the time, consequently to this step, the couple organizes as well a ceremony in order to celebrate this important life event. Our Liechtenstein lawyers can provide you with all information regarding the Marriage Law in this country and they can instruct you on the conditions for the releasing of the marriage certificate.

Legal requirements for marriage registration in Liechtenstein

The marriage procedure in Liechtenstein requires several steps which conduct to the legal recognition of the formation of a new family. Both partners need to declare their identity and to prove that they are over 18 years old, so that they can assume responsibility for the legal step. The future spouses need to certify as well that they are not already married to someone else. 

According to the Civil Law, the couple needs to elaborate as well a wealth declaration, which might be useful in the eventuality of future possible misunderstandings. Other documents might be required as well by the authorities. Among them you might need to bring declaration of previous marriages. Another form which you can fill regards the name change. 

After a processing time of less than two weeks, you can collect your marriage certificate from the Liechtenstein’s Civil Registry Office. You will need to pay as well an application fee in order to be entitled to request the certificate. Whether you are abroad and you need a copy of your marriage certificate, you can address the nearest embassy of Liechtenstein. 

Our law firm in Liechtenstein can assist you with the gathering or elaboration of all required documents in order to complete the marriage legal procedure in Liechtenstein.

Marriage registration and residence issues in Liechtenstein 

Whether you are not a citizen of Liechtenstein but you are married to a local, you can apply for a double citizenship, if you have been a resident of this country for the previous 10 years. Another condition for the citizenship application is that the marriage to a local to be longer than five years. The Liechtenstein law requires as well the applicant to prove basic language knowledge as well as knowledge of the legislation and political structure of the country. 

The registration procedure for a marriage in Liechtenstein implies submitting several original documents, such as the birth certificate of the spouses and other legal acts that can prove the identity of the person. 

Our attorneys in Liechtenstein can give you more details of the Marriage Act in this country adapted to your particular legal situation and status in this country. Please feel free to contact us as well for any other legal services that you may need in your personal or business life.