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Hiring Employees in Liechtenstein

Hiring Employees in Liechtenstein

The employment law in Liechtenstein was created in accordance with the rules and regulations of EU (European Union) and comprises details about the remuneration working time, work and residence permits for foreigners and discrimination of recruitment employment contracts. To properly understand the Labor Code in Liechtenstein, it is best to solicit legal advice and information from our lawyers in Liechtenstein who are at your disposal regarding the employment legislation in the country.

Foreigners who want to work in Liechtenstein

Individuals from EU or outside EU have the possibility to work in Liechtenstein if certain conditions are met. For instance, a work permit is not necessary but a residence document is mandatory. One should know that the apprenticeship positions in a company come with a special work permit alongside with a training permit offered by the employer. As for the residence permit (B), citizens from non-EEA countries are allowed to work in Liechtenstein if they are:

•    skilled workers;

•    managers;

•    specialists;

•    workers with many years of experience.

No matter the type of document you might need, we recommend you get in touch with our attorneys in Liechtenstein who can guide you throughout the entire process.

We invite you to watch the following video on how to hire employees in Liechtenstein

Employment contracts in Liechtenstein

The convention between two parties, the employee, and the company is known as the employment contract with specific terms and conditions, where the rights of a worker and the remuneration are mentioned. There are two types of work contracts in Liechtenstein, as follow:

•    the indefinite employment contract, where there is no end date mentioned;

•    the definite employment contract where a particular period of time is stated.

If a company needs to hire an individual for a short period of time only to replace an employee, then a part-time or a definite work contract will be offered. As for the indefinite work contracts in Liechtenstein, these are offered as soon as the trial period has ended and if the employer wishes to hire the individual. We remind that such contract may end if both parts agree or if the company is no longer satisfied by an employee and wants to end the collaboration.

The main Employment Law provisions in Liechtenstein

The Labor Law and the General Civil Code in Liechtenstein contain rules regarding the working conditions in the country for each employee, where we remind the following:

•    the working hours;

•    the remuneration;

•    the insurance rules;

•    the rights to holidays;

•    the pension scheming;

•    the equality of the rights.

Once you have decided to hire employees for your company in Liechtenstein, we invite you to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein who can familiarize you with the rules and regulations in this matter.