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Set Up a Healthcare Company in Liechtenstein

Set Up a Healthcare Company in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has a modern and efficient healthcare system, with a large number of highly-qualified practitioners that offer excellent services to the relatively small resident population.

Investors who wish to open a private medical center can set up a healthcare company in Liechtenstein by following the simple company formation steps. Our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein can guide you throughout the process of opening a company and can advise you on all legal matters related to healthcare regulations and provisions.

The healthcare sector in Liechtenstein

The healthcare system in Liechtenstein is decentralized, with individuals being able to select a preferred private health insurance plan, offered by regulated companies which are registered with the Government. A standard insurance treatment plan will also offer treatments in neighboring countries like Austria or Switzerland, although these will be partially covered by the patient.

The National Hospital, the only one in Liechtenstein, is located in Vaduz, has various medical wards of different medical specialties and offers emergency services. Other medical centers in Liechtenstein offer private healthcare services, using an outpatient regime. 

Healthcare companies in Liechtenstein offer a variety of services, from general practice to maternity care or dental care and diagnostic, laboratory or radiology services.

Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can give you complete information about the Healthcare Law and the special permits and licenses that are required for these types of companies. General practitioners and physicians who wish to work in Liechtenstein can also get in touch with one of our lawyers for more information on working in the country. 

Opening a company in Liechtenstein 

Company formation in Liechtenstein is a simple process and full foreign ownership is permitted. The limited liability company is a popular business form and it can be used for companies that provide healthcare or diagnosis services in Liechtenstein. It requires a minimum share capital which is deposited in a bank account opened in the country and the shareholders are only liable up to the amount invested in the company. VAT registration in Liechtenstein is commonly required for these companies.

Contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for more information about the company set up process.