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Obtain Residence Permit in Liechtenstein

Obtain Residence Permit in Liechtenstein

Persons who intend to stay in Liechtenstein for more than three months must apply for a residence permit. It is good to know that the residence permits can be obtained through the lottery or can be granted by the government in Liechtenstein. If you want to apply for a residence permit in Liechtenstein, it is recommended to solicit legal advice and support from our lawyers in Liechtenstein. The same team can also offer information about how to open a company in Liechtenstein.

Types of visas available for Liechtenstein

Foreign citizens who want to move to Liechtenstein have several types of visas they can apply for, however, they must consider that the small European state has specific regulations when it comes to obtaining residency.

Those who want to come to Liechtenstein can apply for the following:

  1. tourist visas which allow foreign citizens to enter the country for a short time,
  2. transit visas which enable foreign citizens to pass through Liechtenstein on their ways to other countries,
  3. Schengen visas which enable foreigners to stay in Liechtenstein for up to 90 days,
  4. national visas under which foreign citizen can stay in the country 91 days in a total period of 180 days in a calendar year.

There are also the work visas which can be obtained by both EU and non-EU citizens who have secured an employment contract with a Liechtenstein company.

Those who want to move to Liechtenstein in 2021 and obtain a residence permit can first obtain a work visa. Business is also a reason under which residency can be secured. The particularity of Liechtenstein, however, is that the authorities here grant limited numbers of residence permits per year. This is why it is recommended to ask for advice before applying for one and our lawyers in Liechtenstein can provide it to you.

Residence permits for third countries nationals in 2021

The citizens from countries with no bilateral migration agreements with Liechtenstein can apply for a residence permit for work purposes and can also obtain residence permits without being required to have a job in the country. One should know that the government of Liechtenstein can issue residence permits for economic deliberations for individuals with certain interests to the state, in accordance with the Foreigners Act in Liechtenstein. Once the residence permit has been granted, the individual can bring their family members as dependents, like the spouse or a child under 18 and join him/her on the same residence permit.

The Office for Migration and Passports in Liechtenstein issues the residence permits for foreigners interested in working and living in Liechtenstein. Only 89 residence permits are offered each year by the government. Please consider that our attorneys in Liechtenstein can provide you with information and legal guidance if you want to obtain a residence permit in Liechtenstein in 2021.

Residence permits for EEA citizens in Liechtenstein

There are only 72 residence permits available for persons from EEA (European Economic Area) countries who are willing to work in the country, and 16 permits for individuals who do not intend to work here. It is good to know that half of the residence permits for EEA citizens are obtained through the lottery, while the other half is offered by the government in Liechtenstein. Once the residence permit is issued, the holder can stay up to 5 years in the country and then he/she can apply for a permanent residence in the Principality.

Steps in applying for a Liechtenstein residence permit in 2021

There are several steps to completed when seeking to obtain a residence permit in Liechtenstein in 2021. The first one implies selecting the reason to immigrate here and check the eligibility criteria (as we mentioned before, it is important to check if the total number of residence permits available has not been exhausted for the respective year). If cleared, the applicant can start preparing the documents for immigration and file them with the Office for Migration and Passports.

Among the documents to prepare are:

  • the valid passport,
  • information about the reason of relocation,
  • the employment contract (if moving here for work),
  • proof of starting a business (if moving here to open a company),
  • various documents, depending on the country of residence.

Our lawyers can explain on a case-to-case basis the various requirements to meet in order to obtain a Liechtenstein residence permit.

Moving to Liechtenstein permanently

The first thing to consider when moving to Liechtenstein is that the residence permit is issued temporarily, however, those interested in permanent relocation have the following options:

  • they can find employment and live in Liechtenstein for the required period of time,
  • they can move and be educated in Liechtenstein, case in which they are easily integrated in the local workforce,
  • they can marry a Liechtenstein citizen which grants them the right to residency.

Obtaining a Liechtenstein residence permitin 2021 implies completing various steps and preparing the required documents, as stated by the local legislation.

Our law firm in Lichtenstein can advise foreign citizen who want to move here. We can also help entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses in the Principality.

Assistance in relocating to Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is not an EU member state which means that citizens of these countries also need to apply for resident permits if they want to relocate here. However, there are various mechanisms in place which enable these to apply for residence here in 2021.

Our Liechtenstein lawyers can provide detailed and updated information to those interested in moving here, so that they are well-prepared before starting the residence permit application procedure. Moreover, we can draft some of the documents, such as business incorporation ones, on behalf of those immigrating here for starting a company. We can also check the status of applications in real time and provide updates to those who have already applied.

Once arrived in Liechtenstein, successful residence card holders can rely on us for guidance in registering with the local authorities and renting a property to live in. We can also advise on the options of purchasing real estate here.

Liechtenstein residence permit facts

Here are the most important aspects to consider when moving to Liechtenstein and applying for a residence permit:

  • the government issue a total number of 89 residence permits per year,
  • out of these, 72 are issued to EEA citizens, while the rest to non-EEA ones,
  • foreign workers who reside in Liechtenstein have the right to 56 residence permits if they are EEA citizens,
  • only 16 residence permits are issued to citizens who do not work in Liechtenstein,
  • non-EEA citizens must be highly qualified in order to be awarded residence permits.

For complete information about how to obtain a residence permit in Liechtenstein, please feel free to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein.